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Class Drivers - Security

Safe travel with your Private Driver

Whether you’re here for tourism or business, alone or in a group, our bilingual team is here to make your travel experience as pleasant and seamless as possible. Trust Class Drivers Private Driver Antibes for your transportation needs: quality and safety are our top priorities.

At Class Drivers Private Driver Antibes, we only select highly qualified drivers to join our team. Our professionals are experienced, courteous, and perfectly bilingual, ensuring smooth communication and impeccable service whether you speak French or English.

Each driver possesses a perfect knowledge of local routes, ensuring a fast and safe arrival at your destination. We prioritize discretion, professionalism, and the ability to adapt to the specific needs of each client as the paramount qualities of all our drivers.

Class Drivers - professionalism

Quality private driver in Cannes

At Class Drivers Private Driver Antibes, we understand the importance of your comfort, safety, and image. That’s why we offer a premium private transportation service, allowing you to travel through the city and its surroundings with peace of mind.

We take pride in serving Antibes and its surroundings with a dedicated and local private driver service. As a local company, we are not only familiar with all the roads and shortcuts in the area, but we are also committed to providing personalized service tailored to the needs of our clients.

At Class Drivers Private Driver Antibes, we value the discretion and courtesy of our drivers. Each of our drivers is not only trained to provide exceptional customer service but is also selected for their professional and respectful approach. Our drivers know when to engage in conversation and when to offer our clients a moment of tranquility.

Class Drivers - Comfort

Comfortable vehicles

Whether you need a simple ride around town or elegant transportation to local tourist spots, Class Drivers is your preferred choice for reliable, professional, and friendly service. Choose the best private driver in Antibes with Class Drivers Private Driver for your safe and comfortable travels.

Class Drivers Private Driver Antibes offers a diverse range of vehicles to meet all your transportation needs. Our fleet includes Mercedes E-Class, ideal for professional or leisure trips in small groups, Mercedes S-Class, synonymous with luxury and comfort for your special evenings or business meetings, and Mercedes V-Class, perfect for larger groups or families, offering space and flexibility.

À bord de nos voitures, vous trouverez le summum du confort, de l’espace et des équipements modernes, assurant une expérience de voyage supérieure et raffinée. Laissez Class Drivers VTC Antibes s’occuper de vos déplacements à Cannes et vivez une expérience exceptionnelle, marquée par le confort, le luxe et la fiabilité.

VTC Cannes pas cher


Mercedes E-Class or equivalent
1 to 4 passengers

VTC Limousine Cannes

Luxury sedan

Mercedes S-Class or equivalent
1 to 3 passengers

Location minibus avec chauffeur Cannes


Mercedes V-Class or equivalent
1 to 7 passengers

Class Drivers - Prices & Booking

Prices & booking private driver in Cannes online

We offer transparent and competitive rates tailored to your specific needs, whether it’s for a quick ride around town or a longer excursion in the region. Visit our website to check the prices or to schedule your private transportation service.

For a precise estimate or to view the detailed list of our rates, please visit our website or contact us directly. Our advisors are at your disposal to assist you in planning your journey efficiently and to provide you with a pleasant and reliable private transportation experience.

Our online booking platform is intuitive and secure, allowing you to choose the vehicle that suits you and specify all the necessary details to customize your journey. If you prefer a more personal interaction or have specific requests, our team is also available to assist you by phone.

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Private Driver on request in Cannes

Experience flexibility and customization with the on-demand services of Class Drivers Private Driver Antibes. Whether you need an airport transfer, a transfer to the beach, or a simple ride around town, we tailor our services to your specific requirements.

chauffeur vtc antibes trajets toutes distances

Whether you want to explore Nice, the luxurious beaches of Cannes, or take an excursion to the village of Saint-Paul de Vence, our VTC services are available for all distances. Our vehicles, including Mercedes E-Class, S-Class, and V-Class, are perfectly suited to your needs, whether you’re traveling alone or in a group. Enjoy a stress-free ride for your business meetings in Sophia Antipolis or for a day of shopping in Monaco.

Reliability and Comfort for Your Local Journeys

We are dedicated to providing exceptional service for all your local trips, from Juan-les-Pins to Vallauris, passing through Antibes and any other location on the French Riviera. Class Drivers Private Driver Antibes ensures a tranquil, secure, and punctual journey, whether it’s for a simple ride to Nice-Côte d’Azur Airport, a special evening in Monte-Carlo, or a quick departure to Cannes train station.

chauffeur navette vtc antibes vers aeroport

At Class Drivers Private Driver Antibes, we offer reliable and comfortable transfer services to and from the main airports in the region, including Nice-Côte d’Azur Airport, Cannes-Mandelieu Airport, and Toulon-Hyères Airport. Simplify your air travel with our professional drivers who will greet you upon arrival, handle your luggage, and efficiently transport you to your destination.

Comfort and Punctuality Guaranteed for Your Air Travel

Plan your air travel without any stress with Class Drivers Private Driver Antibes. We are committed to providing you with punctual service tailored to your flight schedule, whether it’s an early morning departure or a late arrival. Our experienced and courteous drivers are informed in real time of any changes to your flight, allowing us to react quickly and adjust our schedules if necessary.

transport vtc tgv gare antibes

Class Drivers Private Driver Antibes facilitates your travels to and from the main train stations in the region, including Antibes Station, Nice-Ville Station, and Cannes Station. Enjoy personalized welcome directly on the platform, assistance with your luggage, and hassle-free transport to your final destination. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, our train transfer service is the ideal solution to start or end your journey with peace of mind.

Efficient Transfers To and From Train Stations

Schedule your train transfers with the certainty of a comfortable and punctual journey. Our professional and courteous drivers are at your disposal to adapt the journey according to your preferences and schedule, including intermediate stops if necessary. Whether you’re arriving at Monaco Station or departing from Saint-Raphaël Station, we cover all major destinations on the French Riviera and ensure that you reach your destination quickly and safely.

chauffeur prive antibes port et plages

With our VTC team, experience the luxury of personalized service that takes you directly to ports like Cannes or Nice. We provide a private transportation service that is not just a means of getting around but an integral part of your adventure on the French Riviera. Book with Class Drivers and let us take the wheel while you prepare to capture the sun, sea, and sand in elegance.

Access the Most Beautiful Beaches and Ports with Ease

Class Drivers Private Driver Antibes gives you quick access to the beaches and ports of the French Riviera. Whether you’re heading to swim at the Garoupe Beach in Antibes, relax on the beaches of Juan-les-Pins, or explore the Port Vauban, the largest marina in Europe, our VTC services will be ideal. Our vehicles, including the spacious Mercedes V-Class, perfect for groups or beach equipment, are equipped to ensure your total comfort on the way to your vacation or during your maritime outings.

stations de ski chauffeur Class Drivers

Your getaway to the peaks of Isola 2000, Valberg, or Auron starts with us. Our VTC shuttle service ensures a comfortable and safe journey to the best ski resorts in the Southern Alps. Our vehicles, equipped to tackle winter roads, provide the space needed to transport your ski equipment and luggage while allowing you to relax in a luxurious and heated interior.

A Tailored Experience for Your Winter Adventures

Our personalized customer service means that every aspect of your journey can be tailored to your specific needs, from the departure time to the selection of the vehicle. Whether you’re a skiing enthusiast or simply seeking a peaceful winter retreat, Class Drivers is your ideal partner to discover the snowy gems of the region in complete serenity.

Class Drivers - Security

Car rental with driver for the duration

Whether it’s for business meetings, special events, or sightseeing tours, our luxury vehicles are at your service for the duration of your choice. With our experienced and discreet drivers, you can plan your day on your own terms without worrying about transportation.

chauffeur prive business pour entreprise

Class Drivers Private Driver Antibes caters to the needs of professionals with specialized service for businesses, offering fast and efficient transportation to the main economic hubs of the region. Whether you need a ride to the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès in Cannes for a trade show, Sophia Antipolis, the renowned technopole of the French Riviera, or the Acropolis Convention Center in Nice, we guarantee impeccable and punctual service.

Services Tailored to Corporate Requirements

We offer personalized services to facilitate travel during major events such as MIPIM, the Cannes Film Festival, and the Monaco Grand Prix. In addition to swiftly transporting you between your hotel and event venues, we can arrange tours for your guests, airport transfers, and corporate outings, with meticulously planned logistics.

chauffeur prive antibes mariage

Class Drivers Private Driver Antibes offers exclusive transportation services for you and your guests. With our luxury vehicles, including the renowned Mercedes S-Class, known for its elegance and comfort, you will arrive at the ceremony and reception with style and grandeur. We understand the importance of this day, and we are committed to providing a service that not only meets but exceeds your expectations of luxury, comfort, and punctuality.

Complete Personalization for an Unforgettable Moment

Every couple is unique, and our VTC wedding service in Antibes is designed to reflect your individuality. We offer complete customization of the vehicle decorations to align with the theme of your wedding. From selecting the ribbon to the music played en route to the wedding venue, every detail will be refined according to your desires. Additionally, we can arrange multiple vehicles to transport your guests from different meeting points.

circuits touristiques chauffeur vtc antibes et region

Your private driver is your perfect guide to discover all the wonders that the French Riviera has to offer. Enjoy a personalized tour of cities like Grasse, Cannes, Éze, Menton, and Saint-Tropez, where you can explore at your own pace without the constraints of group schedules. Our private driver tourism service is ideally designed for those who want to immerse themselves in the local experience with the luxury of private transportation.

A Personalized Tour Circuit

We understand that every traveler has different interests, which is why Class Drivers VTC Antibes offers tailor-made itineraries that can include visits to vineyards, stops at museums such as the Picasso Museum in Antibes or the Matisse Museum in Nice, and even detours to natural points of interest such as the Mercantour National Park. Our experienced drivers are more than just drivers; they are your local advisors who will help you discover the hidden secrets of the region, recommending the best spots to eat, take photos, or simply enjoy the view.